Hopes for agreement in Brexit talks

Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen will meet in Brussels in the coming days to try and finalise a Brexit trade deal.

Some are suggesting that the British Prime Minister heading to meet the European Commission President shows he is willing to reach an agreement.

There are some sticking points remaining including fishing rights and the so-called ‘level playing field’.

EuroNews Political Editor is Darren McCaffrey – he says the mood has changed in Brussels in the past week about whether a deal will be reached.

“In the last week or so the expectation really has changed from ‘a deal is likely’, to one not really that likely.

“People are saying publicly and privately that this is really tricky, that these differences are real.

“Personally my sense is that in the end they probably will do one [a deal].

“Trade is so important, the fallout is so great, and both sides do want a deal. I think they probably will get there in the end, but this is Brexit.”


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