Hospitality representatives to meet senior Government officials

Crunch talks aimed at facilitating the swift return of indoor dining will take place this afternoon.

Hospitality representatives will meet senior Government officials to finalise a plan, following exploratory talks earlier this week.

Among the measures to be raised are Covid passes, which would allow vaccinated or recovered people access indoor dining.

Any agreement reached at today’s meeting will be presented to Cabinet for approval next week.

Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association, Adrian Cummins, is hopeful a resolution can be found.

“We want to make sure that we are reopned on the 19th of July.

“There is a window of opportunity now to get businesses back open – we need to seize that opportunity.

“There’s lots to be discussed in regards to how we can operationalise the NPHET recommendations.

“There is a willingness from the hospitality industry to try and get as many businesses as open as possible so that we can save some summer for 2021.”


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