Housing Crisis In Cork Is Forcing People To Turn Down Job Offers And Even Pull Their Children Out Of School

The Housing Crisis in Cork is forcing people to turn down job offers and even pull their children out of school.

That’s according to the assistant manager of Threshold in Cork, Regina Baylor.

The housing charity was responding to the government’s plans to address the current shortage in long-term rental properties.

Under their proposal, properties would not be allowed to advertise on website like Air BnB without commercial planning permission.

Earlier today, a Cork Chamber Report found the housing crisis is not only a social problem, but also now a major problem for businesses – because it’s causing skills shortages.

Speaking to RedFM News, Regina says that families and workers alike cannot find homes to rent:

“The thing is that there’s no available, affordable apartment-shares, house-shares or even one bedroom apartments available. And I feel that even on a good salary, they won’t be able to afford that. Also, we’re finding a lot of families with children in local schools, they’re getting notice of termination and they cannot source any property. They’d be quite willing to take the children out of the schools, maybe, move a 30 mile radius of their workplace, or whatever. There are no properties available”.


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