HSE CEO appeals for people to get ‘back to basics’ to deal with increase in Covid numbers

The Government’s said it doesn’t want to be turning on and off restrictions to deal with spikes of Covid.

There’s concern about hospitals with a 29 per cent increase in the number of patients in hospital with the virus over the past week.

HSE CEO Paul Reid has appealed for people to go back to basics to stop the spread of the virus.

Jack Lambert is a professor of infectious diseases at UCD school of medicine – he says masks are really effective.

“They’re not useless.

“I mean, back in the 1918 flu pandemic – did we have masks? No we didn’t.

“We had people covering their face, we had people using scarves.

“These were the kind of interventions we had that helped.

“But it’s really clear, if you use a mask properly they do have a role in preventing Covid.”


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