HSE confident health system can manage Covid and flu this winter

The HSE says the health system is resilient enough to handle both flu and covid this winter.

There wasn’t a single lab confirmed case of flu last year because of covid restrictions, but health officials are warning the country won’t get away that lightly this year.

People with weak immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women, and children are all being urged to get their free flu jab.

Chief Clinical Officer with the HSE, Dr Colm Henry, says the health system will be able to cope.

“None of us would have wished where you’re facing a winter of Covid and flu.

“However I think we’re in a more resilient position now than we would have hoped because of the learnings from the past year and a half.

“We’re in a safer position now with regard to covid because of the extraordinary reach of this vaccination programme, and the enthusiasm of the Irish people in the way they embraced the vaccine.

“This has made our hospitals and our health care system a much safer place.”

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