HSE issues warning to schools on increase in viral infections

The HSE has written to schools warning of a ‘significant increase’ in viral infections circulating.

GPs have also been urged to be vigilant for the signs and symptoms of Strep A, a common bacterial infection, that can cause severe illness in serious cases.

Common signs include fatigue or a fever that persists, despite treating your child with calpol or paracetamol.

The HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer, Colm Henry, says serious cases of Strep A are very rare:

“We’re seeing a constellation of viruses, and of course we see the concern over streptococcus. It’s worth noting most cases are mild, the scare at the minute relates to an invasive streptococcus A, which is very rare. The numbers we’ve seen so far haven’t reached pre-pandemic levels so, it’s important to put people’s concern into perspective.”


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