HSE urged to reconsider the closure of Owenacurra in Midleton again

The HSE is once again being urged to reconsider the closure of Owenacurra in Midleton after it scored a compliance rating higher than other mental health facilities offered to its residents

An inspection carried out in November last year revealed a 90% compliance rate yet despite the findings of the report the centre has been earmarked for closure since June 2021
At that time there were 20 residents in the facility, and now only six residents remain

The families of the Owenacurra relatives say the recent findings of the Mental Health Commission report means the imminent closue of the facility makes even less sense

There’s been strong opposition to the closure of the facility from the local community and public representatives

Speaking to RedFM News Sinn Fein’s Pat Buckley says he believes there is no justification for the closure of Owenacurra:

“I am appealing to the HSE to reverse the decision. And it makes absolutely no sense and it’s the associated services with the short term respite, blood tests, chiropody, dentistry. The list goes on, all those services are going to be lost. And I tell you why. Because the HSE is a proprietor, never invested in those buildings to keep them up. And as the residents that are suffering know for their incompetence of not maintaining those buildings.”



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