Human Tissues Bill secures approval says Health Minister

The Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says his department have secured approval for the Human Tissues Bill.

The bill has been in the spotlight since it emerged that the organs of 18 babies who died at Cork University Maternity Hospital were sent to Denmark for incineration at the start of the pandemic without the consent of their families.

A report into the scandal was released on Friday following several delays, with families telling RedFM News that they would not be able to move on with their lives until the Human Tissues Bill is signed into law.

The bill includes provisions around organs donation and transplantation as well as post-mortem practise and procedures in hospital settings.

Speaking to RedFM News after receiving the report on Friday, Leona Berminghan said her number one priority is to make sure the bill is published as soon as possible.

“I know, unfortunately, that there are going to be other babies pass away and there is going to be other grieving families that are sat in that same hospital that we sat in, and sign post mortem forms and think that you’re doing the right thing, by donating the baby’s organs for medical research, when there’s no clear guidelines for what should happen for the organs afterwards.

“There’s no law put in place to help these families.

If you have been affected by this story you can contact Anam Cara Bereavement Support group on (01) 404 53 78


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