ICTU Doesn’t Expect Public Sector Pay Talks To Get Back On Track Unless Government Improves Pay Offer

ICTU doesn’t expect public sector pay talks to get back on track unless the Government improves its pay offer.

It says the state’s offer of a 2.5% pay rise for the past year fell far short of inflation, which is expected to hit at least 9 per cent over two years.

Public service pay negotiations between both sides ended without agreement in the early hours of yesterday morning..

ICTU Public Services Committee member, Bernard Harbour says there’s no point holding more talks if the Government doesn’t budge:

“The ICTU public service unions have said that we’re ready to go back into the process at any time, if the WRC tells us that they see value in another engagement. What we won’t do is go back into a discussion where there’s no change on the government side. There’s not much point in sitting around the table again, just to hear the same position”.

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