IFA Call For All Dogs To Be Banned From Walking Trails On Farms

There’s a call for ALL dogs to be banned from walking trails on farms.

The Irish Farmers’ Association says it’s a necessary step, following an assault on a landowner last week.

Pat Dunne was attacked after asking a walker not to bring their dogs onto his farm in the Glenmalure Valley.

He’s since closed the trail, which had been open for more than 15 years.

The IFA’s National Hill Chair, Cáillin Conneely, says they have no choice now but to call for a complete ban:

“It’s lambing time and he has cows calving. Yeah, it’s a very busy time. It was a dangerous time to be walking through any livestock that are within a few days of lambing or calving. Pat was there for everyone’s good. He asked for no money. Just totally for the good of the people, for the community. Unfortunately he has been treated very bad”.


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