IFPA: “Absurd” Health Minister Must Be Informed Of Every Abortion In Ireland Within 28 Days

It’s “absurd” that the Health Minister must be informed of every abortion that takes place in Ireland within 28 days of the procedure.

That’s according to the Irish Family Planning Association, who were before an Oireachtas Health Committee today, outlining their recommendations on Ireland’s abortion laws.

They described the 12 week limit and the three day wait period as a “ticking clock” that puts pressure on women.

Research and Policy Officer Alison Spillane says sending notifications of terminations to the Minister is inappropriate:

“That is absolutely absurd. And it is not an appropriate way to collect data on essential health care. It does not happen with any other health procedure: with heart transplants, with lung transplant. Should we notify the Minister every time we carry out a cervical screen? Or when we insert a coil? It’s not an appropriate way to collect data on healthcare”.


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