Images from the country show Ukrainians queuing up to join the military or give blood

It’s prompted a surge in oil prices – which experts warn is likely to result in higher fuel costs.

NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg says the military alliance is prepared:

“We have over 100 jets at high alert, protecting our airspace and more than 120 allied ships at sea from the high north to the Mediterranean.”

In the Dáil Tánaiste Leo Varadkar made the Ukrainian situation a domestic political issue by claiming Sinn Féin has been soft on Russia:

“When Russians murdered somebody in England, your party leader Mary Lou McDonald, being very critical of us for expelling a Russian diplomat at the time, she said it was a violation of our neutrality for us to expel a Russian diplomat and I want the answer. It’s here it’s here and the features rights for I should punish that for a long time your party has been soft on Russia.”

Organisers of Eurovision say they plan to let Russia compete in May despite Vladimir Putin’s military operation in Ukraine.

They say the song competition is a “non-political cultural event”.

The Ukrainian state broadcaster has called on the European Broadcasting Union – which produces the contest – to suspend Moscow’s membership.


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