Immunology Expert Says People Here Will Likely Receive At Least One Booster Shot Of Covid-19 Vaccine

Health and Government officials are already planning for the rollout of a booster campaign, which could get underway within the next two or three months.

It will begin with nursing home residents, healthcare workers and those aged over 80.

Professor of Immunovirology at UCC, Liam Fanning, says we may not need a booster next year:

We know that booster shots from the data from Pfizer and Moderna will increase antibody levels and T-cell responses to this  virus. So that can only be a good thing so I imagine for the next  … We’re all going to receive maybe one booster shot at least anyway. And by the time we come into next March and April, we’ll have better science with regard to the longevity of the immune response that we have as a resources booster shot, and we may or may not need one of the following year.”


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