Increase in learner drivers receiving penalty points not being accompanied by qulified driver

The number of learner drivers who received penalty points for not being accompanied by a fully qualified motorist increased by 35% last year.

According to freedom of information files, 5,755 penalty point notices were issued for the offence in 2021.

At least 200 were given to drivers in eight counties

Tipperary road safety campaigner, Alec Lee, says the offence can have devastating consequences.

“My daughter was killed in 2020. She was 15 years of age.

“Her and two other 15 year old girls were getting a lift from a 17 year old, I’ll call him a boy racer because he was a boy racer.

“He was an unaccompanied learner driver and with the mad speed he was doing he killed my daughter and he killed himself as well and the other two girls survived.”


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