Increased Water Demand And Dropping Levels Could Result In Water Supply Restrictions If Usage Doesn’t Lessen

That’s according to Neil Smyth, Asset Operations Lead in Irish Water.

Demand for drinking water has increased by up to 25% in many supplies across Cork.

Irish Water, Cork City Council and Cork County Council are working to maintain supplies.

They say that the current extra demand, combined with reduced capacity, is not sustainable.

They are appealing to everyone across the county to reduce water consumption as much as possible:

Speaking to RedFM News, Neil Smyth says small changes can have a significant impact:

“Just shaving a minute off your shower can save 10/12 litres. Leaks that you know about: having them fixed. Always turning off the tap while you’re shaving or brushing teeth and just saving any water in hand basins for shrubs in the garden that are also distressed. Maybe leaving the lawn go; the lawn will recover when the rainfall comes again.”


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