Ireland facing ‘morality question’ when it comes to booster jab – Trocaire chief

Leading charity Trocaire says Ireland is facing a morality question when it comes to the country’s vaccine booster programme.

Those over 80 and those over 65 in nursing homes are set to receive a top up jab.

But the World Health Organisation has called for a moratorium on boosters until the end of the year.

Almost 90 per cent of the eligible population in Ireland are now fully vaccinated, compared to just 2 per cent in Africa.

Chief executive of Trocaire, Caoimhe de Barra, says people need to think about what’s right and wrong.

“I think it’s reasonable for people to protect their most vulnerable.

“But I think we need to stop, pause and think should a booster programme be rolled out to the entire population at a time when the majority of the world have nod had a single vaccine yet.

“That is a question of morality, but also of reducing the spread of the virus in the future.”

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