Ireland has the highest incidence rate in the EU

Ireland has the highest incidence rate of Covid-19 in the EU, despite falling case numbers.

Analysis from the ECDC puts our 14-day incidence rate at 434 cases per 100,000 people.

Yesterday, 1,292 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed – a fall of 253 on the previous day.

331 patients are in hospital with the virus, down four from the day before, 54 of whom are in ICU.

The vaccination programme is approaching its 7 millionth dose, with 90 percent of adults expected to be fully vaccination today.

Christine Loscher, Professor of Immunology at DCU says high vaccination rates are helping to protect the general population.

“We have regularly seen small increases and decreases, but this is a very definite decline, and in line with that a small decline in hospitalisations and numbers in ICU.

“So it’s very very positive, and I think it’s very interesting that it has come at a time where double vaccinations in the younger age group, the 18-24s and even the 16-17 year olds have gone way up in the last two weeks.”


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