Ireland to run out of accommodation for Ukrainian refugees – report

Ireland will run out of accommodation for Ukrainian refugees by the end of this month.

The warning was made in a secret memo to Cabinet, which the Irish Independent reports, warns of a shortage of beds for those fleeing the war by the end of this week.

Up to 32,000 Ukrainian refugees are expected here by the Easter weekend, and less than half of the accommodation offered by the public so far is deemed suitable.

The Irish Refugee Council’s produced a policy paper suggesting that holiday home owners should be encouraged to offer their properties to house Ukrainian refugees.

Its spokesperson is Nick Henderson.

“I think the paper recommends between €300-400 a month. This would be a sizeable amount of money over 6 months, it may not be the rental rate, still though an amount of money that the owner could use for their own means.

“Crucially though it may encourage people to do a good thing, and bring online a greater supply of accommodation to meet this challenge.”


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