Ireland’s first dedicated weight management clinic has opened in Dublin

My Best Weight is made up of a team of internationally accredited doctors and experts who are hoping to provide an innovative approach to weight management.

Working with the patient, they try and explore the reason for the underlying issues which have resulted in their weight issues and assess the affect this has on their health.

The clinic has been recognised by the European Association for the Study of Obesity as a leading obesity management centre in Europe.

Led by Dr Michael Crotty, a GP specialist in bariatric medicine, it is now the first non-hospital based accredited centre in Ireland.

Each treatment plan is tailored specifically to every individual and can include: medication therapy, behavioural supports, medical nutrition and exercise therapy.

The non-judgemental, patient-centred service aims to provide a caring and supportive environment for people to discuss weight without blame or shame.

Speaking at the launch of My Best Weight, Dr Michael Crotty said:

“Our best weight is the weight we will be when living the healthiest life we can enjoy and sustain long term. Excess weight is not due to lifestyle issues or a lack of willpower.  It is a complex medical issue influenced by genetics, our nervous system and hormones as well as the environment we live in. Our weight is regulated by subconscious parts of the brain that we cannot control – telling someone to simply eat less and move more does not work in the long term, most people have tried this over and over again. We now have very effective options including medications to manage weight safely. We do not blame and shame people for having other medical conditions. People living with overweight and obesity deserve the highest quality of care – that’s why our approach is different.”


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