Irish Farmers Association say farmers are genuinely fearful about the future of the sector

The group have organised a demonstration in Dublin on the 21st of November to call on the Government to engage with them before setting targets for reducing emissions.

IFA President Tim Cullinan says farmers are conscious of the need to reduce emissions to meet Ireland’s obligations towards halting climate change, however he says setting targets without regard for the consequences on the farming industry won’t work.

Yesterday the group hit back at the Taoiseach’s dismissal of a KPMG report that said a 30% cut to emissions in the farming sector would result in over 56,000 job losses and a €4 billion hit to agricultural output.

Speaking to RedFM News, IFA Munster Regional Chair and Cork dairy farmer Harold Kingston says farmers need certainty and clarity:

We’re in a crux at the moment where we don’t know exactly what’s going to be expected of us with climate targets and so on. We know we need to deal with climate issues, with methane, with water quality issues; all these things need to be done but simply hearing talk about targets and budgets and so on without an actual plan and with no talk about what funding is going to be available, leaves us in a complete limbo, so we don’t know where we stand.”


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