Irish Farmers Association Say That Large Attendance At Last Night’s Protest In The City Sends Very Clear Message

The Irish Farmers Association say that the large attendance at last night’s protest in the City sends very clear message.

Farmers say they want to enter into talks with the Government so that a plan can be agreed and implemented on proposed restrictions on the industry.

Munster Chairman of the Irish Farmers Association, Harold Kingston, told RedFM News that the depth of feeling within the agricultural community was evident from the large crowd at the demonstration on the Grand Parade yesterday evening:

“We were more than surprised actually at the turnout. It was fantastic. We worked on the basis that if we got to 1000 people, we’d have enough to make a statement and the reality is that there was more than 3000 people there. Exactly how many, I’m not sure because the Gardaí counted over 3000 at one stage and I know more joined in afterwards. It has really shown up the depth of feeling among farmers and the realisation of where we’re heading for on all the various cuts, whether on CAP, whether it’s on nitrates, and especially on the Climate Bill as to what exactly this is going to bring forward for farmers.”








Image courtesy of Harold Kingston


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