Irish holidaymakers warned of heatwave conditions abroad

Irish tourists heading to Spain this year are being advised of heatwave conditions.

Temperatures in some parts of inland Spain have already hit over 38 degrees, while coastal areas like Malaga, Nerja and the Balearic islands will see values of around 35 degrees in the coming days.

Editor of Air and Travel magazine , Eoghan Corry, says it will come as a bit of a shock for Irish travellers who haven’t been abroad because of covid restrictions in recent years.

“The earlier the heatwave comes the more damage it does on mortality in terms of the local health authorities dealing with it.

“It also affects holiday makers in that they are less ready for it. We also have people who haven’t been away for three years.

“The solution is always hydration and sun block, but staying out of the sun is what the medical experts would advise.”


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