Irish Homebuilders’ Association Calling For Viability Studies To Be Put Into Planning Discussions

The Irish Homebuilders’ Association is calling for viability studies to be put into planning discussions for housing developments.

A large number of estates and houses have been granted permission by local authorities however no work has commenced because it’s too expensive it build.

It comes amid fresh warnings around increase house building costs due to lack of labour and materials.

Director of the Irish Homebuilders’ Association James Benson, says there should be more foresight in planning files:

“The viability shouldn’t be the ultimate reason whether permission is granted or not granted. But that conversation needs to happen at a very early stage, or potentially a pre-application stage between the applicant and the local authority and the planning authority. Where they would all set out the needs of the development to ensure that it meets with national policy. And then if you know at the very outset the key elements within the development, it can be agreed at an early stage and the costs will be more clear.”


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