Irish Pharmacy Union says there’s not enough vaccines to meet demand

Up to 200 pharmacies will receive 100 doses of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine today.

 It’s part of the delivery of 80,000 jabs to nearly 800 pharmacies, who began administering the one-shot vaccine to under-35s on Monday.

The distribution started on Wednesday and will be finished next Tuesday.

But Darragh O’Loughlin, from the Irish Pharmacy Union, says it isn’t enough to meet demand.

“Many pharmacies have a couple of hundred people on a list, and they’re receiving 100 vaccines in the current delivery.

“It won’t necessarily fill the list – I’m sure there are people who have their names on more than one list, so it’s hard to say what the number of people who won’t get a vaccine next week will be.

“But I think 80,000 doses getting out to pharmacies will allow pharmacies to continue vaccinating the remainder this week and all through next week.”


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