Irish Rail: 24/7 Services In Ireland Not Financially Viable

Rail services running 24/7 in Ireland is not financially viable, according to Irish Rail.

That’s according to documents obtained by the Irish Examiner.

There have been growing calls for the rail operator to offer extended services, as well as early and late trains.

Spokesperson for Rail Users Ireland, Mark Gleeson, says rail services do not cater to the working population:

“Not everyone’s a nine to five. There’s a lot of people start very early in the morning – start at six, start at seven. So we need public transport to get people to work at the right times. We also need to make sure that – not everyone finishes at five – that there are services that people can go home at. And also people want to go out, they want to meet friends, go to theatre, go to the cinema, that there are services bringing them home. So at the moment, we don’t have services. You cannot reach any city from Dublin before nine o’clock in the morning by train which is ridiculous. You can reach Belfast either.



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