Irish Water monitoring water levels ahead of heatwave

Irish Water says it’s watching closely to see if restrictions will be needed as Ireland heads for another heatwave.

While water levels drop because of the hot weather, demand also tends to increase.

Interventions are already underway at 13 water supplies to ensure they don’t run dry, while 60 others are on a watch list amid concern they’ll reach a critical levels and may need to be restricted.

Tom Cuddy, Head of Operations at Irish Water, says they’re hoping they won’t have to take actions that will impact on customers.

“W are focussing very much on interventions that will have low impact or no impact on people.

“In some cases we’re tankering water to reservoirs at night time from supplies that have sufficient water.

“We are applying pressure reductions where appropriate, particularly at night time.

“We are bringing online some back up sources that may have been offline for a while, we’re also cross connecting adjacent schemes, so we may be able to supply or change the boundaries between different schemes.”


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