Irish Water says there’s pressure on the country’s water supplies

Staycations, Covid-19 hygiene measures and temperature increases are putting pressure on the country’s water supplies.

Irish Water says it’s seeing spikes in demand from both residential and commercial customers in recent weeks.

It’s urging people to conserve water by taking shorter showers, fixing leaks and saving and reusing water from baths and hand basins.

Head of Asset Operations with Irish Water, Tom Cuddy, says the warm weather doesn’t help:

We’re having a very exceptional spell of good weather, and it coincides with a number of factors with a lot of staycations, and we also have the opening of society, and of course usage has stayed quite high, there’s been an additional factor with COVID-19 hygiene and hand washing exercises as well so we’re using at least as much and probably more water than we have in the past.”

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