Johnson travels to Belfast for crunch talks

As the British Prime Minister travels to Northern Ireland for talks on restoring power-sharing, Stormont’s Sinn Fein leader says they have no desire for a “pep talk” from him.

Boris Johnson’s visit comes amid souring tensions with the EU – with reports Westminster will formally take action on the post-Brexit protocol tomorrow.

The first minister in-waiting Michelle O’Neill met the Taoiseach in Dublin this morning – ahead of her meeting with the UK leader later.

“What we have today are repeated approaches from Boris Johnson to say that they are going to take unilateral action to disapply parts of the protocol, and this is just reckless, madness.

“I think all efforts and all attentions need to be turned to negotiated solutions, agreed solutions, to find ways to smooth the implementation of the protocol because it is here to stay, and I think that’s an objective the Taoiseach and I share.”

Foreign Affairs Minister, Simon Coveney, says he hopes Boris Johnson strikes a compromising tone in Belfast today.

“This is a time for calmness, it’s a time for dialogue, it’s a time for compromise and partnership between the EU and UK to solve these outstanding issues.

“I think if that’s the approach taken by the British Governement we can make significant progress, and we can make progress quickly.

“The alternative is unilateral action, which means tensions, rancour, standoffs, legal challenges.”


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