Judge Finds A Landlord Who Owns Two Student Houses Is Responsible For The Noisy Parties At His Properties

The landlord, Fachtna O’Reilly of Model Farm Road, has been given one week to resolve the problem

Judge Olann Kelleher said after hearing an environmental complaint by residents against the landlord for two hours today that he accepted the evidence of the residents.

The environmental complaint was taken on behalf of two complainants who live in Highfield West and Connaught Avenue, close to UCC, in respect of noise from properties owned by landlord Fachtna O’Reilly

Judge Kelleher gave Fachtna O’Reilly with an address on Model Farm Road one week to resolve the problem

Speaking to RedFM News after the judgement was handed down Catherine Clancy of the Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Community Association says they are relieved

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