Junior Health Minister Says Monday Will Be ‘Red Letter Day’ as Almost All Covid Restrictions End

The Junior Health Minister says Monday will be a ‘red letter day’ as almost all restrictions end.

Mandatory mask-wearing will end but it is advised to continue wearing them on public transport and in healthcare settings.

Schools can also return to normal, with class pods and bubbles no longer required.

Sunday, 20th March will be a National Day of Remembrance and Reflection to honour those who died in the pandemic – and frontline workers.

Minister of State, Frank Feighan, says it could be the end of the Covid pandemic after two years:

“We hope it’s the end. And I just want to pay tribute to all our frontline services and indeed the people of our country who adhered to public health guidelines and made huge sacrifices to ensure that as many people were were kept alive in a very, very difficult set of circumstances. I think it’s a red letter day, but we need to be cautious.”


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