Jurgen Klopp will discuss Super League plans with Liverpool’s owners

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says he’ll sit down with Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group to discuss the club’s involvement in the Super League.

Fans gathered to protest against the planned breakaway outside Elland Road where his side drew with Leeds in the Premier League last night.

Liverpool are among the 12 founder members of the breakaway competition- but Klopp says he’s yet to discuss the plans with the club’s owners.

“They are reasonable people, they are serious people – they don’t do things just like this [snaps fingers], they are not like this.

“They’ll try to explain maybe the decision, do I understand it yet? I don’t know.

“But it’s still not my decision – I coach the football team and I love doing that.

“I have obviously no issues with the Champions League, I like the competitive factor of football.

“I like the fact that West Ham could play Champions League football – I don’t want them to, to be honest, I want us to do that.

“But I like that they have the chance.”

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