Jury in Frankie Dunne murder trial expected to retire to consider their verdict tomorrow

The defence barrister for the man accused of murdering Frankie Dunne at a derelict house on Boreenmanna Road in December 2019 has claimed his client would not have been able to kill a man and then carry out a “horrific decapitation and dismemberment.”

30 year old Ionut Cosmin Nicolescu with an address in Romania denies any involvement in the murder of 64 year old Frankie Dunne at Castlegreine House.

Defence Barrister Philipp Rahn Senior Counsel told the jury during his closing speech that it was his belief that Nicolescu, who had been described by a friend as looking like a “14 or 15 year old from behind”, would not be capable of inflicting the injuries found on Frankie Dunne’s body.

He said while State Pathologist Dr Heidi Okkers said the injuries could have been inflicted by one person, he also said she had indicated that it was possible that the murder involved two people.

The barrister said it was his belief that that the multitude of injuries “suggested more than one attacker” and told the jury that it was consistent with what Nicolescu told police in Romania about what had allegedly happened on the night in question.

Mr Rahn said the lack of an explanation for a second fingerprint on a bag containing clothes found on the grounds of the house was a very large “forensic hole in the prosecution case” and claimed that while there was a clear forensic link between a glass bottle found at the house and Frankie Dunne, no forensic link was found between the glass bottle and the accused.

He also said the jury should not read too much into the fact that Nicolescu went to work the day after he had claimed he was forced to bag up the remains of Frankie Dunne and said that people “react differently to trauma and shock.”



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