Jury In Trial Of 38 Year Old Woman Charged With Murder Of 2 Year Old Girl In Cork Sent Home For Weekend

The jury in the trial of a 38-year-old woman, charged with the murder of a 2-year old girl in Cork three years ago, has been sent home for the weekend.

They will resume their deliberations on Monday after beginning to consider the case earlier today.

The jury of seven men and four women began their deliberations shortly after midday this afternoon at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork.

One juror was excused on the third day of the trial which reduced it to 11 people.

Karen Harrington from Lakelands Crescent in Mahon denies the murder of 2-year old Santina Cawley at Elderwood Park on the Boreenamanna Road on the 5th July 2019.

When beginning his charge to the jury, Mr Justice Michael MacGrath said that they must try the case “coldly and dispassionately” on “sober analysis” of the evidence.

He said the presumption of innocence was a bedrock principle of the Irish legal system.

Closing his charge to the jury, the judge said that the “verdict must be unanimous” “whether it is a verdict of guilty or not guilty”, and that it is “very important that [they] take [their] time. There is no rush”.

The case has run for 13 days over the past three weeks.

Mr Justice MacGrath recalled the jury after an hour and 14 minutes to send them home for the weekend.

They will resume their deliberations at half-past-10 on Monday morning.


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