Justice Minister says those who engage in violence against asylum seekers will be prosecuted

The Justice Minister says people who cross the line between fair protest and abuse of asylum seekers will be punished by the law.

Simon Harris says there have been well in excess of 125 protests of this kind in Dublin alone.

He’s spoken to the Garda Commissioner about the policing of protests and is confident the force is well resourced.

Minister Simon Harris says those who engage in violence like the burning of tents seen in Dublin will be prosecuted.

“While people of course has the right to protest, and that right must be respected, nobody has the right to do this in a way that causes other to fear for their safety, or in a way that threatens public order.

“If and when that line between protesting and threatening or intimidating behaviour is crossed, there are a number of provisions in our laws that apply.

“We are also strengthening our legislation in this area without new Criminal Justice Bill, which we hope to enact this year.”


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