Karen Harrington Murder Trial Hears Evidence in relation to blood stains at an apartment on Boreenmanna Road

A blood stain matching the DNA profile of a two year old girl who sustained 53 injuries and died in hospital was found on a pair of adult floral leggings in the apartment in which she was discovered,  a murder trial in Cork has heard.

Karen Harrington of Lakelands Crescent in Mahon, is on trial at a Central Criminal Court sitting in the city charged with the murder of Santina Cawley at 26 Elderwood Park in Boreenmanna Road on July 5th, 2019.

The 37 year old was in a relationship with Michael Cawley the father of the deceased at the time of the alleged offence.

The court heard that DNA blood staining on the upper left knee of a pair of floral leggings recovered from a bedroom at 26 Elderwood Park matched the profile of Santina Cawley.

The remaining DNA profiles on other blood stains on the garment matched the DNA profile of the accused Karen Harrington.

The jury of seven men and four women heard that drip stains and pools of blood in the kitchen matched the DNA profile of Karen Harrington and indicated that she was bleeding in that area.

Clumps of hair found in the property matched the profile of Santina Cawley and a doctor from Forensic Science Ireland, told the court that analysis of the hair clumps recovered from the property indicated that they were “forcibly removed” from the head. .

The trial earlier heard that Santina Cawley sustained 49 external and four internal injuries.

The case continues tomorrow in front of Justice Michael McGrath



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