Keith Ricken says his side will continue to battle

Cork boss Keith Ricken says his side will keep fighting as they look to avoid relegation.

The rebels are still without a win in division 2 of the Allianz Football League after Saturday’s defeat to Galway at Pairc ui Chaoimh.

Cork face Meath, Down and Offaly in their final three games, Cork Offaly and Down on a point a piece with Meath on two.

Speaking to RedFM Sport after Saturday’s game, Ricken said his side will continue to battle.

“It can be hard, there’s no doubt it can be hard, but it’s a not a place we’re going to go away from, we’ll be turning up again for training on Tuesday night, we’ll be at it and we’ll be at it Wednesday night and Thursday, that’s our routine, and we’ll be at it again at the weekend, that’s how we go and that’s how we’ll roll with it.

“We have three matches left, there’s a number of teams still below us, we have a good scoring difference and we could have narrowed that down again were it not for that cross bar.

“But this is the way that it goes.”


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