Kellie Harrington releases statement following Off The Ball interview.

Kellie Harrington has released a statement following her interview with Off The Ball yesterday.

In her statement, the Olympic gold medallist said she did not want to engage in politically sensitive matters, and that as a sportswoman she is all about community, inclusion and diversity.

In the interview with Off The Ball, Harrington refused to answer a question on a controversial anti-immigration tweet that she had shared on Twitter back in October.

Harrington’s statement in full reads:

“Having realised the significance of my tweet and the hurt caused to a number of people I immediately deleted the tweet. I engaged privately with a number of people who were hurt by my tweet and I apologised to them.

“As a sporting role model, I am aware that I need to be mindful of what I do and say. I reacted with my emotions and without the facts. How this came across is not reflective of me as a person or my thoughts.

“I did an interview today during which I was caught off guard. I was not prepared for a question unrelated to sport and my response to the question asked was not definitive.

“I do not want to engage in politically sensitive matters.

“What I want to make clear is, throughout my life both in boxing & outside boxing, I have been lucky enough to have had many multicultural influences and this continues to shape me to this day. This is something that shapes me as the person I am today and something I am very grateful for. The people closest to me will attest to this.

“Since the interview, I have seen some comments that I feel I should address and make my feelings and thoughts clear. As a sportswomen I am proud to say I am all about community, inclusion and diversity.”


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