Kilmeen National School Pupils Create Imaginarium in Clonakilty Town

Pictured: Pupil Hana O’Connell

The creative “Thinking Outside the Box” project which was created by the pupils of Kilmeen National School, has turned the town of Clonakilty into a real life Imaginarium.

The project shows more than 40 works of art from cardboard boxes displayed in the windows of businesses throughout the town.

The school promotes creative minds and encourages critical thinking among its students, challenged them to design and make masterpieces of their choice from cardboard boxes.

Students returned creations ranging from cows, rockets, time machines to fish tanks, zoos, farms, cinemas, and combine harvesters made entirely from their own imagination, ranging in size and scale from monster to miniscule.

Speaking of the project, Kenneth McCarthy, Principal, Kilmeen National School said:

“It’s true that children can find fun from a simple cardboard box and this project proves just that. It is more important than ever to challenge their minds to unearth the amazing creativity they each possess, something that is important to nurture and encourage. The project is also down the support of our teachers and parents who helped the children to explore their imaginations and to appreciate their unique and powerful minds.

We hope to show the importance of good old fashioned hands on creativity and how children have the power to create something from nothing. It also helps them to realise that each of us thinks and creates differently and that there is more than one way to do anything. Special thanks too to the business owners in Clonakilty for giving over their windows to help fuel the imagination of all who walk through the town over the coming weeks.”

Locals and visitors can view the projects throughout the town until March 2nd.


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