Kingston – We’ll make the most of Thurles switch

Cork hurling boss Kieran Kingston says they’ll have to make the most out of the change of venue for their Munster Hurling Championship clash.

The game with Clare has been moved to Semple Stadium, and also brought forward two weeks to May 1st.

The game has been moved to Thurles as Pairc ui Chaoimh is unavailable due to Ed Sheeran concerts at the venue.

Speaking to RedFM Sport, Kingston admits that while he would have preferred the game to be played in the Pairc, Thurles is a fantastic alternative.

“Would we have preferred the game in Pairc ui Chaoimh? Of course, we’re at home and supporters would as well.

“In saying that, we knew well out that there was a possibility that we would lose a game here because of the concert that is taking place here, so this is not a surprise number one.

“Number two, we were fully briefed and discussions were taking place over the last number of weeks. As an alternative to not playing in Pairc ui Chaoimh, we would be happy going to Thurles, there’s no hiding that.

“Cork supporters like going to Thurles, I know it’s more cost and demands on to supporters, but on the other hand more will have access to tickets and more will be able to get in to Thurles.

“As a playing group and management we like Thurles. Players like Thurles, if we did a poll of the players I don’t think there’d be much in it between playing here and playing there, because it’s a really good hurling pitch, it’s a really good hurling ground, and our players just love playing there.”

You can listen to our chat with Kieran Kingston here – press PLAY.


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