Kinsale woman calls for harsher penalties for motorists who don’t follow rules of the road

A Kinsale woman who survived a serious road traffic accident has appealed for harsher penalties for motorists that do not follow the rules of the road.

Olivia Keating welcomed the doubling of fines for road traffic offences last week, but believes penalty points should also be doubled to deter drivers from breaking the speed limit.

She suffered life changing injuries following a hit and run incident while out cycling in June 2016, and spent two years in and out of hospital as an outpatient undergoing numerous treatments, including physio and speech-and-language therapy.

Following this, Olivia has become a road safety advocate and has called for people to be more responsible for the consequences of their actions when driving.

Speaking to RedFM News, she reminded people that behind every road traffic collision victim is a family impacted by the loss.

“I’ve managed to speak to people whose children have been killed, a young child’s life has been taken and then you have every person in our family, not just mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, people don’t realise it’s not just one person, you’re impacting everybody.

“Everybody who loves that person is impacted. Sometimes we just need to shout a little bit more about it for people to maybe take notice.”


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