Labour leader says Budget means nothing if it can’t guarantee children will be able to access essential surgeries

Alan Kelly raised the case of 10 year old Adam Terry from Whitechurch in Cork who has had several delays to much needed scoliosis surgery.

His condition has been worsening, with Adam saying he feels he’s been left at the bottom of the barrel. as he has been waiting over 4 years for urgent scoliosis surgery

Adam has been trying to manage chronic pain which is negatively impacting his day-to-day life as he also has a rare heart condition and his spine is now impacting his lungs and stomach

Labour leader Alan Kelly told the Dáil it’s an unacceptable situation:

“Adams story is far more important and indicative of where we are going as a country than any budget announced yesterday. Why? Because our priorities have changed and I’m sure the majority of people in this country will give up any modest tax change if Adam and the 172 other children waiting for scoliosis procedures could have them.”


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