Landlords around UCC urged to remind tenants to be mindful of neighbours

Landlords around UCC are being urged to remind their tenants that they are living in a residential area and to be mindful of their neighbours.

The call from the Magazine Road Residents’ Association has come on foot of large numbers of students hosting house parties and partying on the streets last Thursday in Christmas jumpers as part of an unofficial Christmas Day event.

Catherine Clancy of the Association says while they understand students need to have a social life and enjoy their time in college they are calling for balance so they can live alongside each other in a respectful manner

Speaking to RedFM News Catherine Clancy says landlords have a duty of care to residents in the area and that should be respected.

“Young people, like everybody else, are finding Covid for the last almost two years now very, very difficult.

“But at the end of the day we’re only going to get out of this by working together.

“I’m asking landlords to talk to their tenants to be mindful of their neighbours.

“Young people would would not do that in their own communities, it’s not acceptable in those communities and it’s not acceptable in our area.”




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