Laois County Council has dashed hopes of next month’s Electric Picnic going ahead

It says it can’t reverse the decision to refuse to grant the event a licence.

And it says even if a new application’s made, a decision wouldn’t be made in time for next month’s proposed date.

It’s after chief medical officer, Dr Tony Holohan, said there would be no major public health concerns – providing everyone was fully vaccinated.

Local businessman in Stradbally Sylvester Phelan says he wouldn’t like the event to go ahead:

“We’re in a small shop here at the main entrance. We’re talking through a window to our customers, we’re wearing masks, and the customers are only allowed into the shop wearing masks. How can they say that 20 yards away, it’s okay to put in 70,000 people. Let them be vaccinated, but there are lots and lots of other people who will be outside this entrance and all the other entrances around the estate who normally congregate there waiting for free tickets and passes.”


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