Large scale lectures set to return in the autumn

Large-scale lectures can go ahead in the autumn if the Covid-19 vaccination programme continues as planned.

That’s what the Irish Universities Association will tell an Oireachtas committee later today.

It will say, with the majority of students vaccinated by September, this would allow the maximum possible student levels on campus.

Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh, the deputy president of NUI Galway, hopes large lectures can go ahead in some form.

“I think were going to proceed with caution in terms of the large scale lectures.

“We won’t necessarily be putting 350 students into a 350 seat lecture theatre.

“Depending on the advice, and the air quality and ventilation and things like that, it might be 60-70% capacity.

“It’s unlikely in most cases to be 100% capacity.”

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