Leading Political Commentator: Signs Stormont Parliament Will Remain Closed For Foreseeable Future

A leading political commentator says the signs are that the Stormont Parliament in Belfast will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Hopes that the Northern Assembly would resume in September look highly unlikely, after the DUP stated during the week the Windsor Framework does not go far enough, to address concerns over the status of Northern Ireland within the UK.

The Alliance Party says the current stalemate over resuming the Stormont Assembly is the worst in 25 years.

Dr. Brian Feeney, a columnist with the Irish News newspaper in Belfast, says DUP demands for changes in legislation to strengthen NI trading with Great Britain, are delusional:

“There will be no legislation because Parliament’s in recess, it doesn’t reconvene until September, there are no plans for legislation in the autumn,  and the Windsor Framework is going to continue; the British are determined that there will be no modification”.

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