Mabel announces Irish summer outdoor show

Mabel has announced a show at Dublin’s Fairview Park under canvas on June 28th of this year!

Tickets priced €49.90 inclusive go on sale at 10am this Friday via

In the year before the clubs closed their doors, The Big Night Out has achieved a rare level of reverence in modern pop: a glitterball of loss and hope, echoing good times past and the hope of better days ahead. It’s a theme Mabel takes in bold, brilliant new ways on her upcoming album, ‘About Last Night…’: a vivid and hyperreal journey from the unknown start to the messy end of the night out that never was. Throughout, songs transport the minutiae – getting ready; feeling invincible; clocking an ex; crying in the bathroom; friends lifting you up; the group stumbling home – and ultimately transform normality into the majestic. A notable shift from the disco-fantasia which blossomed early in the pandemic, ‘About Last Night…’ instead distills the sweaty, grotty and frankly unglamorous side of noughties club-culture, with influences spanning house, trance, rave, R&B, and the melting pot of young London as elevated by Mabel to the world stage.

On her sophisticated new music, Mabel’s girl-next-door candour remains, but in embracing dance music’s generational ethos of expression, liberation and inclusion, you witness a woman moving firmly to her own beat.

2021 saw Mabel channel the subcultures around UK club music into dance-pop with a superstar-touch. She focuses on the tiny, fleeting choices that constitute The Big Night Out, but also those decisions that can be truly life-changing. Here is a project essentially about learning to live for the moment, and the hard-won wisdom that whatever there is to say ‘About Last Night…’ can wait until tomorrow, when the sun will come up again.


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