Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Residents Association call for expulsions following anti social behaviour

College expulsions, ASBOS, the installation of CCTV and a dedicated community worker are among the demands of residents living close to UCC after an outbreak of anti social behaviour on Sunday night.

Residents are describing the events of the weekend as some of the worst anti-social behaviour they have ever experienced.

Members of the Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Residents Association met with UCC President Prof John O’Halloran to highlight what they saw on Sunday night on Highfield Avenue, and say the college are due to contact them today with a plan to tackle the issue.

Hundreds of students gathered on the street on Sunday night and locals say they had glass bottles thrown at their feet and had to clean up broken glass the next morning.

Speaking to RedFM News, Catherine Clancy from the residents association outlines what they have requested from UCC.

“We’ve asked for expulsions to take place, we’ve also asked the President of UCC to install cameras in and around our area an dfor that to be paid for by UCC.

“We also want a dedicated community worker.

“We feel the behaviour is unacceptable, it would not be accepted in any other community, and it should not be acceptable in our area.”

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