Magazine Road Residents’ Association call on Council to deter landlords buying up properties around UCC

Cork City Council is being urged to introduce planning laws or a change of use law which would help to deter landlords from buying up of residential properties around UCC for multiple occupancy.

The call from the Magazine Road Residents’ Association has come on foot of large numbers of students hosting house parties and partying on the streets last Thursday in Christmas jumpers as part of an unofficial Christmas Day event.

Images and videos which circulated online of queues gathering outside licensed premises raised some concerns from locals.

Residents in the area are fearful that there could be further incidents between now and Christmas though they have stressed that the anti social behaviour experienced last week was confined to a small number of students and they say community Gardai were very effective in policing the event last week.

Speaking to RedFM News Catherine Clancy from the Magazine Road Residents’ Association say there is a creeping paralysis in their area where streets have been bought up by landlords and is part of a lack of planning by the City Council and UCC for an expanding college.

“Streets now have literally been bought up within residential areas.

“That should never have been allowed to happen, and to protect now what is left now of the residential area I’m calling on Cork City Council that planning permission should be needed by any developer or landlord to turn what was traditionally a residential property into a house of multiple occupancy that is not managed and not maintained.

“A survey by the residents in our area in October found for the third year in a row that over 50% of these properties are not registered with the RTB.

“It’s a consequence of bad planning and properties that are not managed.”


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