Magazine Road Residents association says landlords need to be held to account

A Cork residents association say the only thing that some landlords are able to manage is their bank accounts.

The Magazine Residents Road Association say they have always had a good relationship with students however that has changed in the past due to the inaction of some landlords.

The group say many houses in the area filled with students despite being dilapidated and are earning up to €80,000 a year for the landlord.

Concern was expressed last year about anti-social behaviour and lockdown parties, and the group says landlords could have prevented much of this behaviour.

Speaking to RedFM News Catherine Clancy of Magazine Road Residents Association says landlords need to be held to account.

“We’ve always had good relationships with students as our neighbours, we’ve also had good relationships with UCC.

“Where we don’t have good relationships is really the elephant in the room, which is the landlord in many cases.

“What we find with landlords in many cases, particularly when we had the issues with the parties last summer, that the only thing they can manage well is their bank accounts.

“When it comes to managing their properties, managing the standard of their properties, managing the upkeep of their properties, having them fit for purpose for the young people that are going live inside in them, they do not meet any standards there.

“We feel that the only way that is going to happen is through legislation.”


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