Magazine Road Residents Association says locals have had enough

Residents living close to UCC are calling for the Gardaí and the college to use their powers to clamp down on anti-social behaviour in their area.

It’s after Gardaí broke up a crowd of hundreds who gathered on Highfield Avenue on Sunday night.

Locals say some in the group threw glass bottles and urinated in their gardens.

‘Sophomore Week’ is taking place next week as second year students return to the campus for the first time since March last year and Freshers Week gets under way the week after.

Speaking to RedFM News, Catherine Clancy from the Magazine Road Residents Association says locals have had enough.

“This has to stop, and the only way to stop it is expulsions for those young people who cause such a disturbance in our community.

“It wouldn’t be accepted in any other community, and it should not be accepted in our area. We’re calling on the Gardai, the evidence is there, to issue ASBOs.

“The first we heard of this ‘Sophomore Week’ was last Monday night and we are very upset that we weren’t consulted.”

Meanwhile, in a statement issued to RedFM News, UCC say their Campus Watch group is in place to receive any allegations of breaches of their Student Rules.

UCC say they have been working with the Students’ Union to promote awareness and adherence to public health guidelines and the wider responsibility to the community.

The statement also says the majority of the university’s 22,000 students have shown remarkable resilience during the pandemic.


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